we're back, & we've been busy! 22 05 2012
Hi Everyone!

We have some very exciting progress to report! Stuart our programmer has been tirelessly working his socks off and added physics and menu systems to our next game!

This means we can get the main game flow hooked up, and start testing the gameplay, even in a basic form.

Next up we'll be combining physics objects to make a fully functioning vehicle, and then start hooking in basic gameplay elements, such as being able to complete the level and collect pickups!

We don't have any exciting screenshots to show you yet, even though we have a lot of art already made. Once we have something more than lines in game, we'll bring you an update. So stay tuned!



site now live! 01 02 2012
Hello and welcome to Tigerfish Studios!

Here you can find out about the games we are working on, or have finished! Be sure to check out Strawberry and Cream our very first game.

We are well under way with our second project too, currently titled "Rocket Run" we hope to have it finished for this summer. So stay tuned for more information on that.

Don't forget to 'like us' on facebook, and follow us on twitter to be sure to get all the info as it happens!

out now!

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